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One Touch Location App - Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is One Touch Location?

A: One Touch Location (OTL) is a mobile software solution. With OTL you can easily share your geographical position, record your GPS tracks and explore interesting places around you.

Q: For which platforms is OTL available?

A: It's available in the Play Store for Android 2.2 and higher and in the Apple App Store for the iPhone (iOS 5 and higher).

Q: Can everybody see my track?

A: No. Someone else can only see your track if you provided him or her your tracking link through the app.

Q: Can I deny the access to my track for a person to who I have sent my track?

A: Yes. Simply change your password in the app (tab: Tracking) and the old link will be invalid.

Q: How can I share my track?

A: You can share your track for example via E-mail, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. Just click on the button "Share track" in the app and choose one of the given possibilities.

Q: With whom can I share my track?

A: You can share your track with anybody who has internet access and a browser.

Q: Can I delete my saved waypoints?

A: Yes. You can simply delete your waypoints through the app. Just click on the button "Delete my data" in the Tracking tab of the app.

Q: Where is my data stored and is it secure?

A: We're using Google cloud infrastructure to run the backend server that powers OTL and the data transfer between the app and the server is secured using HTTPS.

Q: Why is my track not available on the website any more?

A: In the free version of OTL your track is saved for 6 hours. Upgrade to the Pro version and your track will be visible for 24 hours. Subscribe to ULTIMATE, to have your tracks saved forever.

Q: What happens if there is no Internet connection during tracking?

A: In the One Touch Location app we have an offline cache for the waypoints that are being recorded. So if you are using the 10 minutes interval and there is no internet connection available at that time the app will attempt to send it the next time (if there is internet connection), but with the original timestamp. You won't lose any waypoints, for example when you are in the mountains and there is no 3G/UMTS/GPRS connection temporarily. This feature is available on both Android and iOS.

Q: Why can't I start an infinite tracking in the iOS version of the App?

A: iOS doesn't provide a sophisticated notification system like Android does, so it might be easy for you to forget that GPS tracking is running. This might cause your battery to be drained very quickly. That's why we ask you up front for how long you want a tracking session to run.

Q: Can I embed a map to display my current coordinates/location on my own website?

A: Yes you can embedd real-time GPS tracking from your Cockpit. To enable the Cockpit, buy the Pro version, then subscribe to the ULTIMATE version to open or share your personal Cockpit on the Tracking screen. Everything will be explained at the bottom of your personal Cockpit website.

Q: Can I download the position data (GPS, lng, lat) of my tracks?

A: YES. If you have the Pro version, you can export your tracks in the GPX, KML or CSV format from within the bottom right of the website once every hour.
1. Record a track from the Tracking Screen in the app
2. Click "Share Track", choose Copy Link and paste the link to your browser.
3. In your browser, click the export link of the chosen format (GPX, KML or CSV) on the bottom right.

NOTE: If you are subscribed to the ULTIMATE version, you can download all your tracks from the past too!

Q: What benefits does the ULTIMATE version give me?

A: This version gives you the best experience and the full set of features that OTL has to offer. You can subscribe to ULTIMATE once you have the Pro version and you will get:

  • Real time GPS tracking with an interval of 1, 2, or 3 minutes
  • Web-based Location Cockpit, which is password protected, and shows your actual movement due to automatic screen refresh, it is customizable with various display options and can easily be integrated in other websites.
  • The possibility to change date in show track view and look into older tracks
  • Permanent storage of tracks (history mode)
  • ULTIMATE Users can be added to One Touch Location MANAGER, a free Fleet Management software, that can track an unlimited number of users simultaneously.

Q: Does the website have an auto-reload feature?

A: The "Cockpit" page that is available in the ULTIMATE version of the app has an auto-reloading option. It will constantly update your location for the viewer of the page without the need to reload the page in the browser.

Q: Do you offer an auto-start feature?

A: Yes, in the Android app you have a feature to automatically start location tracking after the phone is booted. This is available in the Pro version of the One Touch Location. We also support Tasker integration for additional scenarios.

Q: What means Tracking Autostart?

A: Tracking Autostart on Android means that the tracking is automatically started after the device was turned on. This feature is available in the Pro version of the Android App.

Q: Do you offer Tasker integration on Android?

A: Yes, in the Pro version of One Touch Location. You can use the Tasker app to start and stop the OTL GPS location tracking service based on your very special needs.

Please choose "Send Intent" from Misc category when adding a new task in Tasker. As the action please enter the following text to start a tracking:

Or to stop a tracking:
Finally set the target to "Broadcast Receiver".

Q: We would like to test and optionally purchase One Touch Location (Manager) for our staff. Do you offer a volume program for Android or iOS (bulk purchase)?

A: As we distribute One Touch Location through Google Play for Android and Apple App Store for iOS only, we as developers are bound to the possibilities Google and Apple offer for bulk purchases:

Android For Android the volume purchase program is called Google Play for Work. You can test, purchase and distribute One Touch Location for your organisation here.

iOS / iPhone For iOS, the volume purchase program is called Volume Purchase Program for Business. After you enrolled for the program, you should be able to find, test, purchase and distribute up to n copies of One Touch Location for your organisation through the program. Please note, that Apple offers this program in selected countries only (new countries are added monthly).

PLEASE NOTE: As we do not have any feedback of clients using this volume programs until now, we can only provide you with the information we found on the web. Feedback from you with those programs would be highly appreciated, thank you!

Please also note, that in order to stay compliant with Google's and Apple's TOS for their stores, we cannot offer you a bulk purchase option outside of Google Play or Apple App Store programs. We have to pay 30% of all revenue to Google or Apple like every other app developer, so also for bulk purchases.

Q: What are the prices for the 'Pro' and 'ULTIMATE' versions of the app?

A: The prices for One Touch Location are a little bit different depending on region and app store (Google Play, Amazon, Apple App Store). Just click the "Upgrade to Pro" or "Upgrade to ULTIMATE" button. You will be informed about the price before you really buy the upgrade.

Q: I still have a question, what now?

A: Head over to our Support Center or contact us at support@creativeworkline.com - "We love to make you Appy!"